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Happy First Birthday R32OC

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Today is the first day I believe a year ago that R32OC was launched.

It has developed into a great freiendly and informative forum.

It has many many members in various different countries around the world as well as here in the UK.

So to Wayne and Steve and indeed all the members on here - well done for making it the place it is :):cool:

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Ill reiterate the words Tony has said, it couldnt be were it is now without all the members, so thanks and here is to an even better 2nd year!!
YUP HAPPY B'DAY......cheers for the admin/hard work Wayne....:)
how many members now?
Rupo said:
how many members now?
Front page says:

Threads: 3,418, Posts: 33,019, Members: 1,160

but some of those will be spammers and the like. There are still loads of members that haven't posted.
Great R32 site full of advice and friendly,

Happy 1st Birthday ............More years to look forward to,

Well done Steve, Wayne,Tony and all in the team.

And the members,
This is the only site i use or have ever used of this kind, and love it.

Well done everyone how takes the time to run or contribute to the site!


GUY :)
Happy Birthday! Thanks to the admins I guess....and well done every for keeping it nice and friendly :)
Happy birthday and here is to another and many many more. good job guys
Happy Birthday R32OC! Thanks to all the admin/regular contributors for making it a friendly and informative place for all! :xD
It's sure it a great community to be part of :D

Happy Birthday R32OC :D
Happy Birthday and congrats to all on the admin team for all their hard work. Look forward to putting a few names to faces at E38 this summer.
Happy birthday to R32OC from me, whilst I've not been here for all of the year its been online the time that I have been here has been great. Theres loads of members (who arent chavs-bonus!) who are really willing to help if you've got a problem, I look forward to meeting you all over the coming year :d
Happy Birthday and Congrats to the R32OC team. Excellent site with some great members :xD
Happy birthday roll on the summer and the shows
For a website to reach the current level of traffic in 12 months without paid-for advertising is absolutely fantastic. Well done to everyone who makes this such a great place to hang out. And a special well done to those who put this forum into being.

Let's make sure the same friendly spirit continues in 2008 and beyond!

By banning anyone the instant they step out of line!
Happy birthday and thanks to the guys for sorting out a great site for those of an R32 persuassion! cheers :proud:
Could never really be arsed with other sites but this one rocks,full of good info and friendly like minded people who can have the crack.Happy 1st and here's to plenty more.:):)
Never really been bothered with such sites until I "stumbled" across this one last October.
On first impressions I was impressed by the outlay and obvious effort that "somepeople" had put in to give it the edge over other similar sites.The members (in general) are friendly, imformative and a bloody good laugh.

It demonstrates to me the effort and tenacity of the "admin team" by revamping the site not to long ago when it was already superb! Well done!

This site is only a year old.... hard to believe !!!!

Thanks for having me :xD
Congratulations and Happy 1st Birthday to R32OC, 3 cheers for the admin a great site and as already stated a big help to everyone!!

Hip Hip.....................
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