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Right, I never realised there were so many different versions of so many different types of sat nav units for mk5.

Bought my R about 2 weeks ago now, and have worked out I've got a MFD2..... I think? With a 6 disc changer under passenger seat

Now, whilst the changer is fine, the radio is fine and the nav is alright.... I can't listen to music off my iphone5. Which is kind of a biggy for me. It's got a parrot fitted to it which doesn't recognise my iPhone5 so that's useless too.

Question is, is there anything I can do to even get just an aux put in? The options there on the screen. But no lead anywhere? Not fussed about it being able to connect through Bluetooth as I could easily get the parrot updated.

Or, my other option, a whole new head unit? The musts are

Sat nav
Iphone5 music and possibly Bluetooth.
CDs and DVDs I'm not fussed about, but if its got it, then whatever.

What's the cheapest best option guys. I was hoping a lead of some sort but I'm being told a new head unit is possibly the only way. Seems a bit drastic to me?

Advice much appreciated
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