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Headlamp Protectors

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How much are these for a mk4 from dealers?
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Black Pug Not Sure On Theses Prices But I Do Know The Bora/jetta Ones Are £36 All In. They Cant Be Much Diff If Any In Price Mate.

There Called Lexan Headlamp Protectors
Yer about £30ish if i remember, well worth it as new glass or a whole new unit is going to cost megga $$$

Not sure if you can get the headlamp protecters from the VW dealers

I got mine from ebay.
yeah james sent me a link to em on ebay they went for £26, i cant say i like the look of em but theyd save alot of ££ as mine smashed last week and as i previously sated vw wanted £508 ish for new light and fitting, luckily i found 1 on ebay £73 all in
i may be able to get some from a contact i will ring 2mo as i may invest watch this space
Nick at least you got you'r light sorted.

Hope you get a set of headlight protectors,

Like to see what price you will get a set for,lol.
you really should get them at £30odd even if they look a bit rubbish it is much better than the £400 plus it cost me to replace a smashed headlight
/\ I've just bought a set from them too now after seeing this, cheers mate. I've already had the pleasure of being stung the £250 odd to replace a smashed xenon! :angry: Its a good find as i my VW stealer no longer sells them and they are quite expensive on ebay normally.

I saw a guy who removed the lines off the front of them and you could hardly tell they were fitted.
The p/n if you want to get them from VW is:

1J0 052 300

In Ireland, around €50 yoyos for the set.
i should be getting a price 2mo for em will post price up asap

Mine came Friday. Fitted today. They don't look bad at all. Made in Australia??
Think I will try some Methoxypropanol on my headlight covers to remove the two black lines.

Well worth paying about £30 ish to save your headlights though.
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