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Headlights have a mind of their own....

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On my MK5,

My self leveling headlights keep swivelling themselves up and down all the time or will just suddenly decide to point themselves right at the ground for an extended period or into the sky. Its been to VW 5 TIMES!! so far (about 10days in all), had new sensors at the front and back and a new headlight wiring loom. I just picked it up tonight and its DOING IT AGAIN!! Argh! I know its not a major thing but I HATE it when anything even tiny is wrong with my car and this is driving me nuts.

Does anyone know what possibley could be wrong or something I could recommend to the monkeys screwing with my car? I asked them to turn the leveling off but they said they cant.

oh, and happy new year.
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interesting. Try this, open the bonnet, put the key in the ignition allthe way until its about to start, then have someone turn the headlights on while you stand at the front of the car. listen for the leveling motors, and see if they do what they should be doing.

Do they do it while driving and stationary?
Yeh, they do it all the time, even when your just sat in traffic. They only do it when the engines running though.
Do MKiv's have leveling lights?
all cars that have xenons have self levelling
As VC said they're all self levelling, but the mkiv system is completely different to the mkv, the mkv system visibly re-aligns itself every time you switch it on where as the mkiv doesn't.
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