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Heldex blot seized Allen rounded off

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Hi looking for a bit of help with my mk5 r32 I’m doing the heldex oil change and the upper Allen bolt has seized, can I still refill it from the bottom bolt only? As struggling to get that top bolt to come off now. Have highlighted the bolt in question thanks for any help


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Start by giving it and the surrounding area a good clean with a stiff wire brush. Next, a good dose of ‘Plus Gas’ and let it soak a bit . If the internal hex has rounded, one option is to use a torx bit that is slightly too big and tap that into the internal hex, then try again. The other option is a decent pair of ‘ Mole’ grips on the outside of the plug . It should not be that tight, but corrosion and perhaps an unknown history has left it so. As it is the fill plug and the level plug, it would be nice to be able to remove it . Filling from the drain plug would qualify as a scene from “mission Impossible” ’
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The Haldex controller is just held on by a few Torx screws. Clean up the surrounding area first .
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