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Hella Red / Clear rear lenses

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Can anyone please advise if they have these on their vehicle or have any pics of a MK4 wioth these on....

Currently have a MK4 32 in blue, and am considering getting a set.....but still not sure and would love to see what they look like on it !!! especially in the blue....

Any pics would be GREAT !!!!!!!!!!

Jordi Boy
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being honest i think they are the natural choice for the dbp mk4's

totally in love with the way they look on mine :D

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Snap !!!

Same car babe....

Yeah they do look not bad........what you reckon I should do?

Jordi Boy
babe? lol you do know i'm a bloke right?

its not a decision i can make for you, its all personal choice. i bought mine from awesome gti, Part number = LI-TL-GO4-RCR £115 the pair Link

lol! I have them as well and love em!
some for sale here...

red/cystal - £80
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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