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Hi all,

Nice to meet you - I'm based in the South West of England if there are any locals.

Purchased the car yesterday - 81k miles, manual. I remember hearing the R32 note 17 years ago and it's stuck with me ever since.

Car came with a stack of history all labeled by years. Looking to make the car quieter as it's a bit loud for me. It's had a few modifications;

  • Genuine 18" BBS CH-R Alloys
  • H&R Lowering Springs
  • Blisten Shock Absorbers
  • Miltek full de-cat non-resonated exhaust (Looking at adding in a stock cat or sports cat - unsure on options)
  • REVO Stage II remap
  • Double Din unit with Apple Car play
  • Full leather interior - really good condition
  • Recent paint correction & ceramic coating
  • German steel front wings with no corrosion
I had a look at a few alternatives which had the wingbacks, but decided against this as at the price point, they needed re-upholstered or given how much they cost to purchase, the mileage went up drastically at the price point I was looking at.

Been pouring over the forum and every YT possible for the last two weeks to make sure I knew what I was getting into - just underestimated how loud a de-catted one was and being 35, I'm no longer a young'un 馃槃

Look forward to chatting with you all
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