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Hello to all OC members

My names Lee I live in the Nottingham area I'm 22 years old and about 7 weeks ago I brought a mk5 r32 which was completely standard, I've always wanted a golf but never wanted a GTI because there to common so the r32 was the only option.

First impressions of the r32 is its great all rounder apart from the thirsty tank :] but that's expected and I didn't buy the car to moan about the petrol prices.

I think the 4 wheel drive system is outstanding and there's very little slip on the road, I dare to say non at all.

I had the standard exhaust on for the 7 weeks I've owned it and was very pleasing but I think I got used to it and now have purchased a milltek non res cat back system with gt100 tips, I installed the system my self and it is very very loud. I am not sure if its too loud? (chavy) between 2000-3000 rpm its very boomy is this common? also at motorway speed its also very boomy.

My plans for the car are:
Remap stage 1
Remap stage 2
Forge intake kit
Milltek full system including decat
Upgraded suspension
Also I hope to get to Germany in it next year!

Here's a picture of it at the moment Wheel Car Vehicle Tire Hood

I hope to speak to many of you throughout my time of owning a r32

Thanks Lee


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i see you like your stickers
welcome along mate, more pics!!!

and id save your money and go straight to stage 2 remap when the time is right, rather than 1 to 2

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Welcome mate! I see youve gone for the best colour
, im 24 pal in my experience its a good car to start off in, very forgiving when you boot it, might see you on my travels im from the Mansfield area

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Yeah - something similar happened to me in a Ford Capri 3.0S about 30 years ago - unfortunately no digital photos back then,
I tried transplanting a 3.1 V6 into a 1600XL Capri many years ago - almost bankrupted me at the time
seemed like a good idea at the time!!
Holley 4 barrel carb, tube headers, homebuilt exhaust with twin Cherry Bombs, uprated suspension, & all without the aid of the internet!!!
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