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Hello everybody...

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Hello, my name is John, i live on the south coast, i have always been a Ford man, (more of that later) but now i just picked our new R32 and i must say i love it :proud:

i will be asking a few questions so look out
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Hiya Ozzy welcome to the forum. Whihc version have you got mkiv or mkv, and colour, oh and where are the pics???????

He he, give me chance, only got it saturday, its the Mkv in steel grey with Recaro's too :cool: pictures will follow in a while.
Welcome to the site ozzy - bet you're loving the car and the sound?!
Welcome to the forum mate.

Looking forward to pics of old cars and new :D
man I love recaros.
Did he just say the 'F' word. Oh dear. Welcome anyhow matey!
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