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i have just bought a mk4 r32, had it bout 3weeks and love it. its completely standard but i wanna join the 300bhp group.
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Alright geeza,
You'll be keeping good company.
Hi and welcome
Hi mate, you had better post again with some details of spec and colour or you'll be in for a whole bunch of questions. Where you based? Welcome to the site!
Welcome welcome!
Welcome to the forum Lemar :151:
hello , good evening and welcome :beer:
Hi Lemar,

Welcome along. 300bhp is a nice benchmark target.:D Hope you've got deep pockets.

understanding is one thing............them finding out is another thing all together :D
hey im based in southampton. i have a mk4 its the purpley blue colour 5 doors, leather and alcantara sat nav, i think it was top off the range.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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