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Pick up my deep blue mkv R32 tomorrow. Carnt wait. i was going to get a mkv gti but got messed around by the dealer so i looked for another car. on my search i found a r32 only 3 months old. so i decided to go for it by the sound of it i made the right move. so there sould be another r32 round the harrogate area tomorrow
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Nice one mate think you are the closest north to me:smile:
Wow bet your so excited.

Welcome to the forum and make sure you get some pics posted up, When you manage to prise yourself out the driving seat that is !
yes i am. whats the best fuel to run it on i have heard tesco and shell does any one have ideas of which one is best. will get some photos up when i get chance.
They say the tesco stuff won on rolling road shoot outs. 99RON i believe. Welcome BTW. :wavey:
I use Shell Optimax and Tesco 99 ron and dont find any difference other than the price .
Welcome! I have started using V-Fuel, but am undecided as to any improvement - maybe fuel econ slightly better.
cheers. picked it up on wednesday what a car i love it.
should've got an arctic silver.. they're the quickest :fight: :reddy:

*joke* enjoy mate and welcome.... :top:

welcome to a world of bootin it every open 50 yards you see and watchin the average mpg plummit !
tesco or shell vpower, not much in it. i ran mine on the tesco stuff for 2 weeks then onto shell. i get 0.2mpg better on the shell.

so i guess it just a question of which ones closest at the time - or wether you collect ccpoints or driver points?


welcome by the way :D

excellent choice in colour ;)
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