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Heres my ride - and my previous one too

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Hi fellow dubbers

been on TSN and ukmkivs for a while now but have only just stumbled on this site!

Anyway heres a few snaps of my 53 R and my previous 51 plate 4motion and MK3 93 VR6 (few shots of my mates grey R too! ) Enjoy :015:

53 plate 3 door DBP (current ride)
black half leather
6463 update
Flopper Mod
Polo Aero rear
Enfig S2000 stubby
Blue door LED
Blue interior courtesy lights
Chrome door pins
Headlamp protectors (learnt the hardware with my 4 Motion!)
R Alu tax disk holder

(some of the pics are pre minor mods)

51 V6 4Motion
Creamhide interior
5 door
Indigo Blue
Hella RCCR rears
Fabia Rear wiper
Inpro chrome mirrors - went off them in no time and removed 'em!

1993 VR6
Indian Metallic Red
3 door
SuperSprint zorst
K&N Induction
lowered 35mm all round


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...grrr LoL


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very nice! and obviously the best colour ;)
Wayne said:
very nice! and obviously the best colour ;)
I've got those beetle sport pins arriving this week,

Ditto the "best colour"
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