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Hey guys...

Got mine on Friday evening. My previous car was a 1997 Rover 214Si (first car!), quite a leap :>

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Looks lovely mate - What do you think of the drive, notice any difference from the Rover?
Welcome...... Nice colour. Hope it gives you loads of fun.
Welcome chap. I've done the same... Bought a MkV DBP 3DR after my first car, a 1.4 Pug 206. The difference is huge!
Just a bit, takes some getting used too...

Old habits die hard, overtaking a cyclist in the Rover involved putting my foot to the floor. I'm sure you know how that goes in the R32 :p

It's a DSG, so getting used to that is also quite a task. Sticking to automatic until I'm more familiar with it.
Me too M8..... never used the DSG* in 9 months.... lol.
No, no get flapping!!! get the ESP off and practice the Launch Control - I promise you'll love it especially in the wet - ha ha ha
Just cant get the hang of it.... when I try I end up looking at the steering wheel and nearley crash hahaha.

Any tips?
yellowpinkey said:
Just cant get the hang of it.... when I try I end up looking at the steering wheel and nearley crash hahaha.

Any tips?
Yes start using the stick to change up and down, and it's not too disimilar to a manual. The beauty about the DSG is it will still shift for you if you get it all f*@cked up!! If you have it on a roundabout and can't find up but want to leave in a hurry it will shift up for you when it gets to 6800. Likewise if youre hammering into a roundabout/corner in 4th or 5th and you need to keep your hands on the wheel it will knock it down for you as you brake once it knows you haven't got a clue what youre doing:D:D:D:D

Just try it, you wont break it I promise, once you get the hang of those paddles you will love it. I wasn't a fan at first but only use D in traffic now:cool:
Another tip is if you are in drive and want to move it forward rather rapid, don't waste time clicking the shift to "S" and wait for the lag, just give it a couple down on the left hand paddle as you floor it and you are in manual automatically!! once you have finished hold the right hand paddle in for 2 secs and you are back in auto "D" Dead simple and loads of fun. Practice knocking it up and down in auto "D" until you learn the rev shifts then after a while you know how many you need to go down dependin on your speed and as I said earlier you cant F*%k it up, it's fool proof.
Hi mate, welcome the forum.

Definately a big step up from your previous car!
Space is dead right, plus you feel a fool trying trying to change gear with the paddles on a roundabout with all that steering wheel action going on. The DSG is programmed to protect the box from stupid driver input.

Welcome to the club. That's not a leap that's a shuttle ride ride up.
one small step for man....lol

welcome on board :D
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