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Hi All

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Just registered and joined up, so I thought I'd do the decent thing and say hi...

I'm Sean from London, and am on to my second Black (incidentally the fastest colour) .:R

I had a Mk4 for 2 years and have just upgraded to a very shiny 2007 Mk5 :driver: :rock:
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Welcome to the forum, look forward to some pictures :burnout:
Old one first...

and then the new one!

and then left the stealers in a cloud of white smoke :ciao:


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Welcome to the forum,

Nice to see when people change cars they just change to the newer R32.

Must be the V6 thing :embarassed:
Welcome aboard.
welcome fella, nice to see you didnt stray from the path :D
The V6 and that new exhaust/engine sound... how could you!! :beer:
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