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Hi from another newby

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I'd just like to say hi to all, just had a quick look at the forum and it look's great, i've just bought a 2003 blue mint condition r32 with 19k on the clock, had a bad month with cars starting with my evo 8 fq300 with 374.1 bhp, i loved this car and spent a fortune on it modding it from standard but 3 weeks ago found out it was a cat C write off, i was absolutly gutted and felt ripped off goodstyle, my mate had a porsche boxster s 3.2 and he wanted my evo from the start so i explained that mine was a vcar and did him a deal, i didn't want to keep the boxster as i have a child so no good to me but new i'd sell the porka alot quicker than a cat c evo, 1 week later i sold the porsche for asking price, so with the cash in my pocket i went on my way to look at a bmw 330ci sport, but as i was driving to the garage i spotted the r32 on the side of the road with a big for sale sign in the window so i pulled over and rang the number in the add, the guy came out of his house and took me for a spin and straight away i said i'll have it, anyway 1 week of ownership and im so happy with the r32, it seems to handle 10 times better than the evo, its not as quick but i love the deep sound of the engine, will get some pics up soon when the rain stops ha;)
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Welcome to the forum, I am sure it won't be long before you start modding ?
sorry to hear about the evo mate, i love the evo 7 and 8 range!

Welcome to the forum, im sure if you have any questions someone on here will be able to help!!
Big fan of the evo 7 and 8 too,

Still i love my R more.

Welcome to the forum
Welcome, enjoy the site and get involved in meets etc.

i took the evo out for a test drive and loved it.... just couldnt get my head around the service schedule and cost every six months. add that to the insurance and fuel bill and the car just wasnt appealing enough.

landed myself in the .:R and havent looked back, i should have bought one ages ago! its very tunable so you'll love it :151:
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