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Hi from Scotland

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Hi guys,

Just agreed to the purchase of a tidy DBP Mk IV earlier today. Should pick it up some time later this week.

This will see me back in a VW for the first time in some years; previously having a MkII and Mk III GTi and a Corrado. Also got a supercharged Elise for weekend fun, so the R becomes the 'sensible' option.

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Hi Derek, welcome to the forum.
Hi Derek, welcome to the site fella :hello:
Welcome to the forum Derek :ciao:
:congrats: Hi Derek welcome as well.

Post some photos up when you can.
A quick pic from the advert. Car is in great condition, although they are painting the front bumper due to the stone chips. Sounds great with a Milltek exhaust too.

I was actually surprised that there are clean, unmolested, low mileage cars out there, and a good price. All in all, I am a happy man

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Welcome :)

Looks very nice

Supercharged Elise as well mmmmmmmmmmmmm:biggrin:

paulnutter said:
Welcome :)

Looks very nice

Supercharged Elise as well mmmmmmmmmmmmm:biggrin:


Thanks for the welcome guys.

Busy sorting out insurance, as my current proivder feels that at age 38, with no claims, only 3 points in 20 years on the road, and a history of fast sports cars I am a bad risk for them. Maybe the jump from my current 'station car' a 1998 1.4 Polo is too much for them, although in my defence, I needed a car for everyday use when I bought my Lotus 340R last year, and a mate was almost giving the Polo away.

Back to the matter at hand however. I got a reasonable deal with Elephant, at £350, including business use, so as has been said before, sometimes age is good:biggrin: I remember paying almost 4 times that fom my Mk2 GTi back in the day.

Only 2 more sleeps, and then this, will be joined by the R. I think they complement each other perfectly.

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Welcome Derek, I too joined the R32 club last Friday, plenty of smiles!

On the insurance front, I actually got the best deal from Sainsburys, 12 months for the price of 12 with free courtesy car etc. I also priced Elephant and this was best. Hope it helps!

Enjoy in 2 sleeps time!

I don't think Sainsbuys like my Milltek or the induction kit :laugh:

Still can't complain at £350 pa
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