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How close is your charger?

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I'm just wondering how close to the back of the HID's your charger sits?
Obviously the kit has been made in the states and the US R32 is slightly different (they don't have large HID's)
My charger was sitting very close after I tightened the belt (in fact sitting on the HID)
I was advised to buy a VR6 power steering pulley that's slightly larger to reduce the slack on the belt. I should be fitting this tonight…..
Anyone else with similar issues?
I'll keep you informed if this cures the problem :151:
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Tried to get it on.... and I couldn't! Easy to do, but it'd rather the car was on a ramp as doing it from the side is a bit of a struggle! It would work though. I'm going to get APS to take a look next time i'm up there.
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