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I was just wondering how many bikers (as in motorbikers) we have on this forum.

This post is partly because the MotoGP race last weekend in Portugal was such an exciting race.

I used to be well into F1, but got a little fed up of the lack of overtaking. In MotoGP, first position will sometimes change 5 or 6 times in a single lap.:burnout:

Do any of you follow the MotoGP just through a love of petrol, even if you don't have a bike license?

World class bike riders also seem to have more interesting personalities/personality clashes. I'm not tarring all F1 drivers with the 'Nigel Mansell' brush, as there are pro bikers equally boring *ahem, (Pedrosa)*. But there are also more lunatics and bitter rivals (e.g Valentino Rossi vs Sete Gibernau, everyone vs Max Biaggi). I did always used to love the way Coulthard would b1tch about whoever cut him up though. He would make a great commentator.

Anyway, post your thoughts here, or if not, then I recommend you check out the next MotoGP, 125cc, or 250cc race on telly.
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