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How much is VPower near you?

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filled up today at £1.06.9! :vollkommenauf:

went comfortably over the £60 fill up cost, not done that since the days of range rover ownership (thats was an easy £90-100 a tank and a 7mpg most days killed the bank balance and led to its sale)
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1.03.9 last time i filled up its getting stupid!
Paid 101.9 at my local shell 2 weekends ago, filled up at the same garage yesterday and it was 105.9!
106.9 p/l in Ashford too
0.942857142 per liter yesterday...

edit 0.92406015 with discount!
Think I just paid around 1.08 - over £55 for around 51 liters....
1.09 at Charnock Richard services, But it was in works car so they paid :motz:
I always go for tesco 99ron over V power but last time I looked it was 103.9
one of thoose things i noticed when i was in england was that how expensive petrol is there, when going back i only fueled to the limit that i could drive over to France.
105.9 Yesterday, the price of fuel now is ridiculous, i really do hate this country, the government is a farce!!!
i'm tempted to go back to the tesco juice, especially now you can get 5p off a litre with your shopping
109.9 5p more than 3 days ago, Whats going on!
It's 109.9 here now. Can't justify using it any more.
There is a lot of bad press about tesco99 and that is 102p now any toughts?
I can't get anything better than normal 95ron unleaded unless I want to drive 100 miles to get it...........which sucks
My car really seemed to enjoy Tescos 99. I generally only have the choice of Tescos or Total. Both seem fine in the .:R

I use this site though to find my lcoal cheapest garage (sorry if it's been posted before)
Wohooo I paid the most 110.9 at Gordano Services for V Power lol.
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