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I saw in Rays (aRd) build thread over on uk-mkivs that he made a sweet mod which is extra cooling for drivers foot well. The mount for it is present underneath the carpet and underlay. Basically all those years the climatronic was pumping and wasting good air into the underlay

I didn't come across any DIY guide so when I was doing mine while ago I made few pics, so hopefully it will help people out.

OEM Parts required:

For RHD cars:

Vent Grille (one of):

1J1 819 275 B B41 (black)
1J1 819 275 B Q70 (beige)
1J1 819 275 B U71 (flannel grey)

Rivet stud (one of):

N 104 179 01 B41 (black)
N 104 179 01 Q70 (beige)
N 104 179 01 U71 (flannel grey)

"""PLEASE NOTE: I got few of those vents and none had the rivet stud included so you need both parts to carry out the install"""
"""Anyone doing it, takes the whole responsibility for any damage done or caused to your car interior"""

PIcs and process

I absolutely love it!
Small but awesome idea.

Hope this makes sense to people and will help when doing it

All credit goes to Ray for coming up with this.
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