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How To : MK4 Rear Wiper Fix

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Done this on a few of my MK4s that suffer from no water from the rear wiper. You may find water has gone into the rear hatch and caused damp on the lining etc.

It's not a hard task, but for an OEM you'll need the new fittings. I don't have item numbers, but if you have some pipe connectors and cable ties, you'll where to fix.

Start off by removing the two phillips screws in the grab handles in the rear hatch.

Secondly, take your time here, but basically it just pulls straight down. It's easier if you get a flat nose driver and put some tissue on the end. If you put it inside the lining and simply prise the plastic away from the metal.

Here you can see where the water carrying pipe pops off from the motor.

The original fitting comes with a small plastic round ring. This has a cut into opening one end, for pushing onto the pipe, and also has small wings inside, which push into the grey plastic of the water pipe.

Look at the image, to ensure you've got it the right way around, as it only works one way.

If you don't have this, you can use a small plastic reducer and use cable ties to secure it. You need a reducer as the size of the water pipe and the connector are different

That's it!

Job done. Just refit the plastic trim, my tip here is to ensure the sides are in first, as they have grooves that slide in, before you push the rest of the metal clips into place.

Hope this helps!
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cut the pipe get new piece wiggle it on zip tie, either end ensure no leaks job done lol
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