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HPA Club Sport Roll Bar

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Here is some info from HPA concerning their latest product for the R. I for one will be getting one ASAP, certainly in time for the much anticipated journey to the Nurburgring in August :)

The information below has been taken straight from here

Introducing: HPA Club Sport Roll Bar for Mk4 Golf/R32

Having experienced first-hand the dramas of pre-fabricated bolt-in roll cages on past project cars; poor fitment, inadequate fixturing, flimsy looking mounting brackets, encroachment on cabin space, etc., HPA's build team has turned to fabricating their own cages in more recent years. This has enabled HPA to satisfy the most demanding expectations of its top clients with superb attention to detail and subtle integration into the factory interior.

After twelve months of pre-production development to perfect this product, HPA is proud to introduce its Club Sport Roll Bar for the Mk4 Golf chassis.

Designed for the performance oriented daily driver that is looking for race styling and an added sense of security for occasional track use, this bar hugs the outer skeleton of the car to maximize usable cabin space and features a removable harness bar to ensure full functionality of the front and back seats is completely maintained.

The main hoop fits snugly to the roof line and B-pillars without blocking access to the seat belts or seat adjusters, and the rear lateral bars are inset towards the quarter windows before passing through the top of the neatly refinished interior quarter panel upholstery, where the bolted down mounting pedestals are hidden out of sight.

Starting with 1.75" diameter DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) steel tubing with .120" wall thickness, the main hoop is fixtured and cold formed to a meticulously prescribed shape, and rear lateral bars and harness bar are precision cut to length. Mounting Pedestals are formed from .095 wall DOM with laser cut steel mounting plates, and Double Shear endlinks are CNC machined from carbon steel to best withstand the forces of an impact, then notched to mate with the main hoop before the entire assembly is TIG welded.

All components are then electro-statically powder coated in a durable graphite black color; adding to the stealth installation and complementing the OEM interior. To complete this ready to install kit, five itemized packages of top grade hardware and a comprehensive visual instruction booklet are included; making easy work out of this weekend installation project.

Both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing, HPA's Club Sport Roll Bar offers strength and style that is unsurpassed by anything else on the market… An absolute "Must-Have" for every Weekend Warrior's ride.

Regular Price: $1299

For more information, or to place an order, please contact our sales department at 604-598-8520 x 103 or email [email protected]

WARNING: This product is not a substitute for safe and careful driving. There are limitations to the severity of impact that the product described herein can withstand and no warranty is made to this product's ability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk.
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I should be receiving this together with all the other bits I have ordered from HPA sometime next week or the week after :)

Installed pics to follow.
Has now arrived, im off to collect it from the local shipping agent Condor Logistics today together with my FT360 kit and agent orange haldex controller.

WOOO, im very excited. pics to follow
checked the instructions, 8 hour job for two people. This will be a job for Vagtech I cant tackle this myself :)

Basically the whole rear interior has to be removed and also including the front passenger seats and the rear jacked up and wheels removed. Quite a big job, alas it is for structural rigidity so its to be expected.
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