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Some big changes upcoming to my car so having to offload some of my collection of bits and bobs to free up some cash.

All prices are excluding delivery, if somebody is interested i won't be sticking the arm into anyone i'll be getting a fair price from royal mail for insured delivery and we'll do it that way.

Have split these into 2 sections as it is quite extensive and then a section which is mutual to both marks,

Payment by paypal or bank transfer and i've been on here for a long time and quite a few members can vouch for me!

Mark 4

1. r36 dead pedal

In good condition, needs a quick polish and it would be perfect in any mark 4, no major scratches

Cost : £50

2. One set of grey mats with oval fixings, these can easily be changed to the stud type fitting. These are in quite poor condition and have a number of cigarette burns and one mat is slightly frayed on one side. Based on the condition and price these might be a good option for someone to preserve their better condition original mats? Unavailable new from dealers anymore.

Cost : £50

3. One set of black mats with silver piping and oval fittings which can easily be changed to the stud type. Showing some wear on the drivers mat where the heel would have been but otherwise in really good condition. Unavailable new from dealers anymore.

Cost : £120

4. One set of black mats with silver piping and oval fittings which can easily be changed to the stud type. In really good condition. Unavailable new from dealers anymore.

Cost : £150 - SOLD

Mark 5

1. Osir Carbon Fibre Front Splitter - bought second hand but never fitted to my car, in good condition.

Cost : £320

2. Custom made carbon fibre diffuser from the group buy organised by Wayne on r32oc.com. Brand new never been fitted. Quality really is unbelievable and a really rare item for the mark 5.

Cost : £320

3. Argon Creative real carbon fibre mirror caps with bonding kit - brand new never fitted

Cost : £120

4. Mk5 standard aerial

Cost £10

5. Mk5 manual pedal set

Cost : £140

6. r line brake pad retainers - brand new never fitted

Cost : £60 - SOLD

7. Front grill chrome and numberplate holder - brand new, removed from a donor grill to make my custom carbon fibre grill, this is unavailable to buy as a standalone part from vw, only option is to buy a whole grill. In great condition

Cost : £120 - SOLD

8. Mark 5 Headrest

Brand new in mint conditon - never used.

Cost : £ 8 0

Mark 4 & Mark 5

1. Otto.de mark 4 r32 models - these were a limited edition run and are now sold out and are sold regularly on ebay for over £ 8 0 , i have 6 of these in total for sale. A real collectors item.

Cost : £70 each - ONLY 3 STILL AVAILABLE

2. r line tax disc holder - brand new never used, made from aluminium and comes with fixing kit

Cost £20 - SOLD

3. Porsche oil & coolant caps - from the 911, really smart and brand new, fits mark 4 and mark 5.

Cost : £55 - SOLD

4. Audi r8 oil cap - second hand in great condition, fits mark 4 and mark 5

Cost : £25 - SOLD

5. r32 Manual wallet with full manual for a mk5 2005 onwards, very rare and stupidly expensive from the dealers, check your own car as these went walkies from most cars and were replaced with crap standard golf ones.

Cost : £70

6. Lamborghini washer bottle caps

I bought these but they didn't fit the mark 5 washer bottle, not sure if they fit the mark 4 or what other vag cars they would fit, just trying to get back what i paid for these. I have 8 of these in total.

£5 each

I'm open to all sensible offers.



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Paid late on Thursday night, shipped out Friday morning, arrived Saturday morning!

Definitely deserve a bump for that!

Cheers Niall
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Still got the diffuser? just waiting on a message back about payment for my RS3 calipers as long as thats ok ill defo take the carbon diffuser
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