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Oops. Time flies. And I should probably apologize for not posting so long but here I am. I see the forum got some updates, pretty sweet!! :cool:

As I am flying over this thread I see some links are not working and pictures are loading quite slowly. I am going to fix all of this in near future ;)

Okay so what is new. A lot of things I cannot tell just yet because I'd ruin the whole build process.

Just busy with getting into adult age of life I guess so the car is sitting in the garage all the time. Only did 3 drives this year, resulting in driving it for only 712.6 km's. Enjoyed every single one of them 🥰

I must tell 2 things tho.

First is the competition in exhaust loudness for which I especially put my R32 on the road. I've scored 135.89 dB which was pretty close to what I expected.
Here you go - a detailed picutre of ear raping 🤝🤭

Next I have to tell that the car is back on stock suspension (yes the factory one, I still had it saved) - so KW's gone. Also complete brake system is gone (TTRS 370mm / RS7 rear). Aaand also my OZ 3-piece wheels are sold 🤣 Do not worry. This is just a preparation for what is coming 😎 Forget the car looks for now it is in perfect shape otherwise

181 - 183 of 183 Posts
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