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Interesting places to see or do around Somerset.

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Inspired by Split Pesonalities thread earlier this week I'm looking for places of interest in the Somerset area. I'm travelling down that neck of the woods this weekend, staying in Weston Super Mare on Friday night. Saturday I will be travelling further south to Exmoor National Park.

First off are there any meets planned over that period? I've looked on the meets thread but can't see anything planned. Are there any good roads that I can have some fun with? It would be a shame to get down there and not take advantage of the local road network.

Are there any must see or do attractions that you would recommend? I've not been down that part of the world in years.

Thanks for all your imput and ideas.

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Wookie Hole Cheddar Gorge god that takes me back to my childhood
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Cheers mate. Following your threads footsteps lol. Been to Chedder Gorge years ago. I will be taking my daughter and grand daughter with me so ill re visit the place. Got to ask, though, what's Wookie Hole? Sounds like something from Star Wars. I could google it.

With a witch!
She's coming with me lol
Lol, I meant the witch in Wookie Hole
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Cheddar Gorge and Wookie Hole are not too far apart iirc?
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