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Hello all,

I just wanted to post a recommendation for a chap who repaired my headlining.

Part of the reason for this review and recommendation is how much trouble I had finding someone that could make repairs to headlining; that plus Alex is just starting out and I wanted to give him some free publicity.

First I tried my local VW dealer who put me in touch with a upholsterer, who then told me he didn't do cars (thanks Martins VW; a great help).
My mechnic (the lovely chaps over at the Phirm) gave me a couple of names, and eventually one of those put me in touch with Alex.
Alex tellls me he does interior customisations on McLarens for an another company for his day job, but is starting to do a few jobs on the side for himself.

It only took him a couple of days and the results are excellent.
I asked him to take some pictures of the process which I've included below, and if you want to see the finished product yourself then my R32 is currently up for sale in the Classified section (shameless plug; sorry).

Obviously I don't want to post his contact details on the internet, but if you need any interior work done (e.g. headlining, reupholstery, dashboard repairs etc) and you are near Reading (UK) then drop me a PM and I'll be happy to provide his phone number.
I would imagine once he gets a bit more established he may set up a website and if so I'll update this post with the details.

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Alex replaced the headliner in my 2008 R32 last week. It took two days to complete the work. I’m really pleased with the result. Alex appears to a genuine person who is trying hard to get a business of his own established. The bill came to £600. Alex is based not from the M4 junction for Reading.
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