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Can anyone recommend some cool white bulbs for the interior of our MK5 please ? 501 style, aswell as footwell etc.

We were looking at the cool white OSRAM bulbs 501 and festoon style, although pricey wanted to know if this is a good option as eBay LEDs are hit and miss.

We ordered an LED set on eBay some time ago but they have now started flickering. We are looking for something that can deliver the colour of white LED's but ideally could like to use normal cool white bulbs rather than the standard horrible yellow.

Any recommendations with photos for us to see would be appreciated.


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I replaced all my interior lights with LEDs (plus the rear numberplate lights too) and I've been very pleased with them.
This was a few years ago though (2014 as it turns out) and it appears that the company I bought them from doesn't exist anymore (ultimatemods.co.uk) :(

A quick google search of the part numbers brings up a few sites; obviously I cannot comment on the reputation/quality of these shops:

I'm sure you know this but the part numbers I used are:

T10 501 W5W Canbus
36mm Festoon Canbus

I think you can buy whole units for some of the festoon ones but I didn't have much trouble replacing the existing bulbs in each unit.
Again, it was a while ago but I think you need to make sure they are the Canbus versions to prevent problems (mine are all the canbus versions and I have had zero issues in the ~8 years they have been installed).

Good luck
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