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Ipod Integration - Quick Question

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I've had the dealer fit the Ipod integration kit in the glove compartment to my soon to be collected Mk5.

I've just got a Nano and wanted to know if the fitted kit comes with all necessary conection cabling to plug it straight in or whether I need to buy a cable?

If the latter, please can someone advide which one.

Sorry for the numbnuts question. Am an 'iPod virgin' having used the Creative Zens for the past few years!!


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I read other similar reports, but I'm afraid that confuses me. I took delivery of my MK V R32 in Los Angeles and that must mean they are different on some level (from the UK models?). My MK V is 977/5000 FWIW.

My iPod dock is neatly in my center console and works wonderfully as a direct plug-in dock (no cables). It is rather sanitary and impresses most everyone that sees it (replete with a VW logo emblazoned on the display of the iPod!). They included a few other dock plastic shrouds that seem to accommodate other iPod incarnations. My 80GB iPod video was a perfect fit in the factory default so I have not bothered to try the others. I'm very happy -- it works great! I suppose I'd like a bit *more* integration with my NAV display beyond simple playlists, but it works. I think I'm happy. :eek:

I think it should just be plug and play with most ipods, but then ive never actually looked at the nano. So unless that has a different connection to other ipods i think you should be fine.
All of the current generation iPods use the same (but proprietary) connector. I was given several different "docks" (just light plastic pieces like a Bose iPod speaker uses) with my setup. If you were so inclined to go through the trouble, you could swap out each time you wanted to use your Nano, iPhone, Classic, or Video iPod. Alternatively, you could just the leave the largest one in place and given the size of the smaller ones, you could expect very little movement. My "video" iPod pretty much lives in the car and I have little use of it away from the car apart from the occasional syncs.
Don't go away leaving it in your car because it continues to play with the ignition off and keeps charging from the battery!! You can either press the radio tuner which turns it off or unplug it. Not sure how long it takes to kill your battery but I noticed it the other day by chance when I went to get something out the glove box and had my headphones still connected, I could just hear the noise.
My iPod doesn't do that. When I turn the car off, a moment later my iPod shuts down too. I'm running the latest iPod firmware FWIW.

Do you get the nifty VW logo on the screen when docked? I can't see mine unless I open the center console compartment from the passenger side, but it was a unexpected touch.

If you leave headphones connected, I think you may effectively switch the iPod to the "headphone profile" by default -- meaning once the signal to the dock was gone, it was reverting back to the headphones. It's just a hunch.

I get the feeling that we may be looking at different kits. All of the R32s here (Los Angeles, CA) that have NAV have this "integration kit". I don't know if non-NAV R32s have it or not. I read on review that said something about a "cupholder arrangment" and I don't know anything about that. :confused:
Cheers for that I'll give it a try. Also the new iPod Touch doesn't work the same way through the stereo!
I have tested all three generations of iPod Nano with my VW iPod kit and they all work. Although on the 3G Nano, the playlist/album/track text on the iPod's screen does not stay up-to-date with what's playing (which I'm not bothered about because my iPod lives in the glovebox anyway)

Remember to turn EQ to "Off" on the iPod and make sure headphones are disconnected before plugging in.
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