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Hi all,

Ive currently got a mark 5 R32 fitted with a miltek cat back, forge induction kit and a stage 1 remap. The car has been rolling roaded and is producing 236 BHP at the wheels.

Im looking into getting a full miltek system (Manifold and hi flow sports cat) and also a stage 2 remap. Ive had a couple of prices and its looking around the 2,000 mark. Is it worth the money? Is there anyone who could share some experience of these mods?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Kev,

I'm no expert in this but that's an awful amount of money to spend on a part exhaust and remap for relatively little gain performance wise. I'm sure that others will reply with how much power increase as been added with these mods but you may well be underwhelmed with the gains.

What you will be impressed with is how better the exhaust will sound after doing this (if you decide to go through with it).

There's not really too much to un tap with these engines and many have spent fortunes in doing so.

The only way to go is forced induction if you want big power gains.

Cheers Alan

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In a few weeks i will be selling MK4 and MK5 complete exhaust systems to go with the de-cats and sports cats i sell at the moment if you want a much cheaper exhaust system.

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Wasn't it proved that the mk5 actually lost some performance with the manifolds fitted?
MK5s have pretty decent steel manifolds as stock. I was thinking of fitting those to mine as they're bigger bore than the cast MK4 manifolds.

As for the original question, £2000 on exhaust and mapping is ludicrous imo. The money would be better spent on cams and a remap instead. Still relatively minor gains, but bigger than just exhaust and mapping.
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