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it's finaly in the driveway!!!!!

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hi again,
the leon cupra r has gone and the gleeming steel grey R is sat in my driveway.now i'm driving properly and not test driving,what an awesome bit of kit.after driving the leon with a turbo i was a little disapointed at first but then when you play with the gears and revs a bit you learn to drive it differently,very impresive.and what a sound from the back end.the leon never did that.doesn't it turn heads??every time i rev it i just grin from ear to ear.i've not listened to music yet just driven with the window down.
leather is very comffy too,great seats,lots of support when you fling it round corners,also love the 4wd.
whats the top tips for the first mods?acceleration is what i like.any suggestions greatfully recieved.
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Glad you're enyoying it mate,try getting haldex upgrade for even better launches then spend spend spend.lol:D
So...is it an MK4 or an MK5...congrats on the new car aswell!
Welcome mate, enjoy the new ride!
Welcome! and I did a bit of "windows down" driving on the way home from work today too! :)
good choice mate. just got one myself so know EXACTLY how you feel!!
Manu_R32 said:
So...is it an MK4 or an MK5...congrats on the new car aswell!
Reckon it's a Mk 5. Probably too busy driving round with the windows down to respond... :xD
yeah,sorry guys its a mk5 been out every night since.petrol doesn't last long does it?3rd tank already.does the buzz where off.got to tax it now.am i right in thinking £400??ouchh!!
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