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Jacks Bagged DBP MK4

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Better late than never though i'd make a build thread.

So after finally making up my mind on what car I truly wanted, I set out on a lovely Saturday morning to go take a look at her, little did I know i'd be taking her home!

She was advertised at the perfect price, she was the perfect spec, mileage and condition that being Deep Blue Pearl, low miles (sub 50k) and 3 doors and what made it an even sweeter deal was that she came already fitted with a non-res milltek and ap coilovers and other little things here and there.

After handing over a few wads of £20's and £50's and counting it all out the keys were handed over, Sadly not to me but one of my friends who whacked on his traders plates and drove her 8 0 miles home while I sat in the car in front.

Enough of my story the car the day i collected it!

After less than a week i started buying little things here and there.

Key fob badges and a stubby polo Ariel

Then I made a list:

Big brakes
bumper re-painted
private plate moved
and other little things.
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Sounds like a nice build. Liking the brakes - very nice.

Get some more photos up of the car for us all to drool over!!
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