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Jay Caps dash vents

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Basically in my big order i got a set of jaycaps dash vents. But after putting them in im not 100% sure on them, so if anyone would like to get them please pm me.

Here is the info and pics:

Billet aluminum replacement dash vents. These units replace the black plastic OEM units and compliment the existing brushed aluminum interior trim (when applicable). Installation takes less than 30 seconds per side… to remove, simply grab the black plastic vent between your thumb and forefinger and pull the vent out. Installation of the replacement vents is just as easy, align the vent with the recessed area in the dash and evenly press the unit into place.

I got them for $77.99 which is £39.33 using http://www.xe.com

Ill let them go for £35 shipped, but i would need the buyer to send me back the origional ones as i stupidly put these in the bin, doh.

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bump, come on surely someone wants them.

ps have also got the seat adjuster and lumber suppost for sale :)
pm sent!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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