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Firstly let me say I am new to your forum and have joined so that I can make as many people as I can aware of these rogue traders. If the forum administrator feels this is an abuse of the forum then I totally understand and will not be offended if I am struck off the forum.
I feel it is very important that I share my experience as someone could have got seriously hurt, for which I have had to pay out 3 times, the first to Rooflines for the initial bodged installation, the second to a trusted builder for the strengthening the installation to prevent anyone being injured, and the third time to Window company to fix a leak.

Rooflines refused to strengthen the installation or fix the leak, and Rooflines have ignored all my calls.
I informed Rooflines that I would be employing 3[sup]rd[/sup] party contractors to make the repairs and despite me giving them every possible opportunity to fix the problem themselves, Rooflines continue to refuse to pay for the repairs made by the 3rd party contractors

I sent Rooflines this video two weeks ago (before I have uploaded it to you tube)
stating if they did not pay then I would make it public what a bunch of cowboys
they are.

Rooflines have continued to ignored my letters, e-mails and telephone calls so the video is
now live on you tube and I hope it goes viral, so that every man, woman, and
child knows never to employ the services of John Webster or Rooflines.

If you know of Rooflines or have had a similar experience then please make a
comment on you tube.

Here is a link to the video

Finally I hope you can see I have been patient, honest and given this company every opportunity to do what's right, so because they haven't, so I have :-(
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