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In 2003 when VW decided to shoehorn a 3.2L VR6 engine and Haldex 4 wheel drive system into a Golf it became my dream car... the ultimate hot hatch and the pinnacle of the Golf platform. When the car came to the US they sold out quickly and until 2008, bumper laws made the cars illegal to import. Living in Canada, owning a MK4 VW R32 seemed like an unattainable dream…

My first two cars were Volkswagens, a '95 Gti and a 2004 GLi however in 2009 with the rising fuel prices, I decided to step away from the VW scene and settle down into a cheap, reliable, Honda Civic. I regretted it the day I drove off the lot. It wasn't just the car and the sense of quality and attention to detail I missed, it was also the VW community, the waves and nods from fellow dubberz that I would get driving by. It's funny that Honda advertises "Civic Nation" because I never experienced any of that when I had my Civic.

So in the summer of 2011 when I came across a local MK4 R32 on Craigslist I jumped on it right away. It had a trashed interior, cracked windshield, damaged paint but I didn't think twice and bought it on the spot. As I drove away I couldn't help but feel that this was a homecoming for me.

My motivation since ownership has been to bring it back to the condition it deserves and then to take it to its full potential. The MKVI Golf R had just been announced and I wanted to make sure that my MKIV would not be outclassed. Being away from the VW community made me appreciate it more so I also immersed myself back into the local dubberz.com forum and reached out to those who could help me achieve my goals. This car is as much a product of the local VW community as it is mine.

CTS Stage 4 Turbo Kit - Precision HP6262s-B 68ar T4 vband
409 all wheel HP 458lbft @ 23psi on 94 Octane
C2 Motorsports 550cc Tune
CTS Turbo 3" turbo back exhaust
Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller

Clutchmasters FX400 Clutch
Dieselgeek Short Shifter

Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber Boser hood
JOM Honehcomb Grille
SEAT Cupra Lip
20th Anniversary Edition Euro Spec Headlights
Smoked M3 style taillights
Stubby Antenna
JDM OEM Folding Stubby Mirrors

Custom Seat Covers by Velocity Upholstery
Euro Full FIS Gauge cluster in KPH
Pioneer Double DIN DVD deck
PODI Electronic Boost Gauge
TWM Performance shift knob

Wheels / Suspension
3pc Porsche Kinesis 3.6 cup - Chrome dipped
17x8.5 Front 205/45/17 Achilles ATR Sport
17x9.5 Rear 215/45/17 Achilles ATR Sport
FK Silverline Plus X Coilovers
Unibrace XB
USRT Rear adjustable control arms
SPC Front camber/caster kit

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Very very nice indeed

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Well I'm godsmacked looks so nice mate glad you were able to get one and make it so much better

Them seats look awesome kind of have a mk5 R32 bucket seat look about them the way they are stitched

Well played and welcome to the forum even thought oh did join in 2011 lol were you shy to post something? :p/>
Thanks! Yes it's been a while since 2011 when I first bought the car. I hang out in vwvortex most of the time for the NA content so I haven't posted much here.

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Very nice mate. Love the interior. I want an interior re-trim !

Get some more pics up.
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