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I wrote this a few years ago now so im not 100% sure the links still work but the main point is to show you what ICE I am now running in my .:R

There follows my quality HOW-TO on the installation of the kenwood DDX7025 Double DIN 6.5'' Screen and DVD Player. I started off with the VW single cd slot in-dash player:


A) Wiring Harness If you dont mind cutting the wiring which comes straight out the back of the kenwood head unit and ditching the ISO block then you will not need this but i decided to keep the kenwood to ISO wiring, then connect this and just cut the other end of the harness just in case i ever remove the head unit and put it in another vehicle or sell it. (hope thats understandable)

B) Aerial Adaptor with Cable For Bmw 3 & 5 series 2001>DIN *** at the very bottom of the page is required

C) 11 male and 11 female bullet connectors

D)crimping tool

E) VW standard head unit removal keys (4 no.)

1)Remove your original factory fitted head unit using the keys you purchased..

2)UNPLUG the connections from the back of the std HU

3)remove the black plastic band which is visible in the gap where the original HU was. this is 'n' shaped if you could view it from above and must be removed to provide enough space behind the new HU for the wiring

4)simply push the supplied double DIN head unit cage into the slot

5)connect the Aerial Adaptor you bought, to the aerial lead

6)connect the ISO end of the Wiring Harness to the ISO end of the kenwood wiring harness

7)cut all the wires at the end as indicated

8)crimp bullet connectors onto the end of each speaker wire (8 in total as indicated by 'speaker... written on the side of each wire) and the red yellow and black wires

9)cut the wiring before the connector which went into the back of the standard head unit

10)put a bullet connector onto each of the 8 speaker wires, the black wire, the red wire and the yellow wire **[url=http://www.tyresmoke.net/gallery/albuq34/WIRING_DIAGRAM]wiring diagram might help in discovering which vw speaker wire is which ie left front etc to connect to which kenwood speaker wire

11)connect each of the bullet connectors with attached wires done in step 9, to the corresponding connector with attached wire done in step 10 ie black to black etc etc

12)connect the green wire which comes from the itty bitty teeny weeny connector on the back of the head unit between the black (earth) wire bullet connectors so the green wire gets the earth signal

13)plug in the itty bitty teeny weeny connector to the head unit

14)plug in the main wiring connector into the head unit

15)push the head unit into the slot

16)attach the head unit surround which neatens up the edges


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Sure no problem, see below. The best thing about the headunit is that the colours of the buttons etc exactly match the OEM R32 instruments for example the power button glows a kind of bluey/purple colour just like the dash instruments and the other buttons glow a red which also match the dash instruments perfectly.

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