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Hey guys,

I picked up the R last friday, and feel as if i'm starting to get to know her. The car itself has covered 70k, had 5 previous owner with decent history, All vw. As expected with a 9 year old car it does have a few niggles, i also have a few issues with the car. I do have plans so thought id start a thread for anyone who would like to follow the progress, but also for me to see over a timeline how the car has improved.

So with that said, I've set about cleaning the car. Im an avid detailing enthusiast and have serious OCD with cleaning things! This afternoon the engine bay was on the agenda.

I dont usually use Auto glym products but i didnt have time to order the usual R222 auto wash i use. I settled for AG engine cleaner, having never used this product before its actually alright. With this i used an old drying towel that i'll throw out after this, and a detailing brush. I also used one of the misses manicure sticks, brilliant for getting into the hard to reach places! One AG product i do rate is the plastic conditioner. Its more like a moisturiser then plastic treatment! ( best hide it from the misses, she'll be slapping it on her face! ) Offers a really nice matt finish rather then the cheap looking gloss.

I also bought my first little mod, which was the R badge for the steering wheel. I simply cleaned the area with IPA and stuck it on.

So heres a few pics of todays progress,


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