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Kings Lynn 28/03/13

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Around seven o'clock in the halfords car park. Clean mk4 dbp. Sounded pretty nice too!!
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That was me, ran in to get some screen wash.
Didn't see any other Rs about
Ahh okay Budd. I wasn't in my R tonight, was in my mates polo.
You going to Norwich for the meet Friday?
Yeah as long as its not raining are you ?
Yeah I'll be there, I'm praying on no rain too. Wanna meet up in Lynn on the morning and convoy down?
Might come along in the VXR8 if I'm allowed? Could join convoy as you pass marham on the 47
Yeah I don't see why not! Wanna pop a post on the event Chris will probably put you on the list!
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Yeah sure that will be good .
Josh what time we meeting and whereabouts you reckon? I'm thinking just before 10?
Wherever mate halfords ? Whatever's easier for you ? I'm gonna be up at 6 washing polishing waxing hope I'm gonna be done in time
Yeah halfords is fine with me. I'll be there just just before 10. Gonna meet DMDub_gti at a lay by on the a47 swaffham aswell he'll be in his vxr8. Haha I did a wash and that today, still a few bits to do in the morning though
I can't make it now

Ive had to take the mrs into work because the Clio has broken down (again) so now my day will be fault finding and fixing

Had the gopro charged up ready to go too!!
Ahh noway thats a shame mate!
Hopefully you'll be able to make the next one!!
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1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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