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King's Lynn/Hunstanton

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Saw a silver MK5 near the railway crossing. A grey Mk6 not too far behind. Then lastly a DBP MK5 5 door in hunstanton!
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yeh i see dbp blue in hunstanton...was sitting in traffic..i think it had a private plate.? nice
Was it a MK4? I know josh has one like that with a private plate, might of been him.
I was in traffic still at half 8, that roads so frustrating when the sun comes out!
yeh it was a blue mk4...from all the cars in the traffic jam the 32 was looking stunning...i went past in silver mk4...
just the way it sat on the road...looked mint! sweet

traffic was silly, i was coming from pboro...but a great day it was..
Ahh yeah, josh's is a right minter so could well have been him. They dont have stand out in DBP

It always is a nightmare up there, affects the roads all the way back to Lynn too which is frustrating even if you're not going to the coast!!
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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