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kw v2's. whos got them?

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i fit a set of these to my car at the weekend and love them. lowered a fair bit but theres still room to go lower. just wondering what settings everyone has set theres to? as in how soft or hard?
ive not done anything with this yet just left them at the settings they came with.

also do you have to remove the rear shockers to change the settings?

thanks. rob
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I've got them on mine (they are so much better than stock). I've got the rear on the lowest setting and I've removed the rubber spacer lowering it a further 10mm but i have got the rear tie arms. I've got them set midway up front but every now and again I harden them up for the track. I've only played with the front as I had the rear set fairly hard to start with but I'll check when I get it back. :151:
good stuff mate, so do the rears need to be removed to adjust the rebound?

also does anyone know the standard ride height of an mk4 r32? from the centre of the wheel to the arch? forgot to measure mine before i lowered it!!!
rob_watti said:
good stuff mate, so do the rears need to be removed to adjust the rebound?
I think they do but I don't have my car at the moment to check, but when I do I will let you know.
And I don't know the standard height, I didn't measure mine either.
Koni rear dampers have to be removed to be adjusted for compression. I suspect the KWs do too as there doesnt appear to be an external adjustment screw on them. Quite a PITA to do but once you get them set right, its worth it :)
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