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I have a Labonte water meth injection kit.

I bought it and have never got round to fitting it.

the kit comprises of:-
Dual Nozzle Upgrade x1
Stage III Injection System x1
Nozzle 3 GHP (189 CC/M) x2
Nozzle 4 GHP (252 CC/M) x2
Intake Nozzle Adaptor x2
Self Cleaning Bulkhead x1

It has never been fitted and was only taken out of the box to check what was in the box when I bought it and now for some pictures.

The kit has full installation instructions.

The only thing I did not buy was the bottle to hold the mater/meth mix as I was going to get one custom made.

I had actually forgotten I bought this....and I am getting new competition intercoolers from HPA in the next few weeks so I may get this fitted

The kit cost about £500.00 when I bought it so looking for £380.00 posted within UK.

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