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Launch control & warranty

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Hi, pick up my R32 tomorrow morning ..:D.. how I'm supposed to sleep tonight I'm not sure!?

Anyway I've done a search of previous posts in case this has already been answered but apparently not. I test drove an R32 at a Midlands dealer before Xmas who said use of launch control more than twice invalidates the warranty and they can tell when they run a diagnostic during the service.

Scare tactics or is there any truth in it?
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Hi mate I should imagine that they would be able to tell if thats the case but can't see how they could invalidate warranty on a standard feature on a car?
sounds a bit mythical to me, why develop a part of the car and install it merely to allow it to wreck a warranty? not likely, 1st time ive ever heard of it
Sounds weid to me, its like them saying here is a car which can go to 6.5k and them saying you can only take it to 4k............................ i would say unless they provide you with it in writting then there is nothing to worry about.
That's a load of rubbish.

It's a standard feature on the car which is explained in detail in the handbook. They don't know what they're talking about...
Hi Honkong

Haha just picked mine up too - my fellow Insomniak !

Just regarding launch control, they may be right, I had the same on a new E46 M3 Coupe SMG, my friend from school days was the head of sales there and he said the same thing, although he did demonstrate how effective it was to me lol ! Not sure if it was just because it was a new car or not, but it was really really harsh and certainly wasn't something I ever repeated when I got the car.

Tbh I think its fast enough, especially in Sport Auto mode, the launch could be faster I guess but its awesome when it gears down and blips the throttle too !
Thanks for all the feedback. I tend to agree; how can they prohibit a standard feature? I don't want to ask the dealer too many questions....vicarious liability! Anyway, kids have finally finished breakfast so it's off to the dealer.

It's a pity TomTom don't offer an additional route option for the journey home EG.

Fastest - no
Shortest - no
Avoid motorways - no
Most roundabouts - yes, yes YES!!
i bet he's having some wide grinned fun right now :D

Picked it up at 2pm. A tank and a half of fuel later, 5 past midnight and I need some sleep so tucked it up in bed 'till tomorrow.

How many bloody police were on the road today??? I must have seen 7 or 8 marked and another half dozen unmarked. Fortunately I've eyes in the back of my head so no nasty surprises. Lets hope they're all looking after their Mums all day Sunday so we don't have to be so paranoid.
Someones mums not gonna get much attention today.At least you'll be at the garage to buy some flowers while filling up the R.lol
Welcome to the forum Phooey.

You'll be fine using launch control, although I always feel like a bit of a t*t sitting at the lights holding 3400rpm.
Hope you are liking your new toy,
Bet the drive to work will be great and I bet your drive from work will be even better..........The long way home,lol.
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