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Lights on dash after battery died

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Hi all - so my r32 mk5 has been sat on the drive for a while as I don't use it much due to having another car, went to get in it the other day and the battery was flat (understandable) so I jumped it with a portable unit which I have done numerous times.

Problem is that the right indicator, cruise control & daylight driving symbols are all lit on the dash even when the functions are all switched OFF.

The lights aren't as bright as they normally are, if I actually put the hazards on or indicator the bulb does go to it's normal brightness.

Any ideas? I have checked round the car and all indicator & lamp bulbs seem to be working fine and cruise control is switched to off.

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You might need disconnect the battery for a few mins then reconnect to see if it resets. Low battery voltage and jump starting can cause ECMs to do funny things. As advised previously a good quality Battery Conditioner by CTEK and the likes is a good investment if the car is not used much to keep the battery well charged.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts