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Lionborg's Mk4 4Motion R32 Turbo

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Hey guys.
My name is Kasper and i come from Denmark. I have ben a member for some time now, but i dont post much.
But now i think you shoud see my little project. I bought the car 2 years ago, its a 2000 VW Golf 2.8 V6 4Motion.
Then i bought a 2004 R32 engine from America with a remap (DSG MAF remap). I replaced the chains and oil pump, the plugs and the MAF, some new oil and filter, to make shurre everything was OK. I got my self a Miltek res catback and a KN typhoon intake to give it a little more noise.
The engine swab took about a weekend with help from a few good friends, and now i have ben driving my "R32" for allmost a year with zero problems.

Now some pics.


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Indeed a good read dude! i like!
Nice quick build.
With your T04 I guess you will be running about 1 bar boost, which may be an issue for your single 38mm WG setup as the turbo is good for 600+ and you will be generating quite a bit of unwanted extra boost which may give you high EGTs and boost creep due to back pressure.
I'm running a T04z with a 45mm WG .
I've tested on a dyno with fully open WG at 14,16 & 18 psi and my power was holding at 450lb/ft.

I think the rule is..
Big turbo, low boost ie 5-10psi = large WG
Big turbo, medium boost ie 10-24psi = large WG
Big turbo, high boost ie 24+psi = small WG
Hi Steve.
Thanks for your reply.
My powergoal is about 450bhp witch should be around 1.3 bar (19-20 psi) with this turbo and i hope the wastegate is up for the job, if not, i will replace 38mm piping with 44mm and put a 46mm precision wg on insted
Just realised your running a 2.8, so your WG size may be ok, but worth keeping an eye on it.
You must have me misunderstood.
I run a 3.2.. I swabed engines about a year ago.
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Awesome work fella. This is what I want to do so badly.

Thanks. It has been a dream of mine for a few years now. Its getting close and im getting more and more excited

So new bearings got in today. Currently waiting for a new oil return Line (the other one was to long). Hopefully its here by tomorrow.
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