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Locking Nuts Stuck

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One of my locking nuts has ceased so I can't get the wheel off to do my rears brakes. Been to ATS who had a special key but even that didn't work. Any ideas guys??


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I've had one stick before, a mcguard one and my god it was a pain. It finally required using an air gun with a flat head device attached to it and going at it trying to get a grip on the nut and flicking it round slightly at a time. It did damage the inside of the hole slightly but when they stick, they are a bastard to undo. That was after trying a special socket set that gouge into the bolt head to try and get some purchase on it to use a normal socket wrench. You hammer the socket onto the bolt head and the idea is they grip onto it and you can heave it off! If you have any cheap old sockets lying around, try using one smaller than the bolt head and smack that on to it to see if it grips. HTH
Its that option or do as VW would do, get it drilled out.
worst case, weld a bolt onto it and unscrew it!
Try some cold spray? To contract the metal.
get a smaller sized socket and hammer it over the bolt , take it off with a rachet as normal , buggers the socket but saves you drilling it out and re-tapping hole after .......
Quick update,

Let my tyre down today and then called VW assistance!! However they couldn't help as it is not a VW nut. So back to the drawing board, then I decided to visit a local toolmaker who is going to make me a new key. Hpefully this will work, if not I'm scrapping the car LOL
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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