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Look what the mrs bought me for my anniversary

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she so rocks :D:rock:
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You are so spoilt!

Not to mention getting fat, LOL :hahaha:
Brilliant present - I've had a few since they were re-released - lovely.

What did you buy her?
i bought her a jewelry box she had her eye on and a HUGE bunch of flowers :D
Very Cherry said:
i bought her a jewelry box she had her eye on and a HUGE bunch of flowers :D
Top work - browning points too I hope :top:
ohhh yes, cashed everyone of them in too :D
Very Cherry said:
i bought her a jewelry box she had her eye on and a HUGE bunch of flowers :D
So come on what did you do wrong?
Nice new sig VC!

Does your plate really start with R32?
That is indeed his real plate. The last three digits are pretty smart too - but I won't post them.
yeah real plate, cost me far too much money :D but worth it
yeah nice sig

i see a plate for sale on a r32 was in southend when i was looking to buy mine but it was up for £16,000 inc plate! at the time i didnt av the cash

it was R30 TWU (with a slight modified U) looked the nuts

on www.newreg.co.uk

they got

R32 BOK (price £2395) modify tht K to a Y illegal but would look phat

R32 HOT (price enq)

ava butchers

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r32 hot has been for sale for a while now as the guy whos selling it wants almost £10k!!!

silly money
he will never get that! does he actually have it on an R do you know?
not sure on the car he has it on if any. i bought mine from newreg and i enquired about that plate but thought it too flashy, this was back in march.... he was asking for £4k back then. somehow hes managed to see its value higher by another £6k for some reason.

fyi newreg are terrible for buying plates from, took me months from paying to actually having the plate
yeah i know that i found mine on new reg for about £500 ish when i purchased 2years ago it and on dvla was only £250 inc fees weird!

did the mrs book you up a dentist appointment with them wispa's? lol
i spent thousands on my teeth last year as i am a dentaphobe so they knocked me out and went to town, i have more porcelain in my mouth than ya nan has teatowels :D so i can pretty much devour anything in site these days

hardest part about having a boxful is preventing others chowing down on them, especially my kids.....who havent found them yet :D
haha bon apetite

can you let me know how your de lock goes as i should be getting mine soon i reckon il be capable just about
yeah no worries, its pretty simple to do. if i have some free time i will do a photo how to :top:
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