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Rare Low Tax (£290) R32 DSG
5 Door
Heated Leather interior
Dual Climate
Sat Nav with Disc
4 x New Vredstein Ultrac tyres
New front brakes
Service and MOT in Dec 2014
Delivery Inspection 12/12/2005
8,209 18/01/2007 VW
18,031 22/10/2007 VW
30,176 9/12/2008 VW
40,126 18/08/2009 (DSG FILTER) VW
49,997 30/06/2010 VW
60,061 21/03/2011 VW
70,153 22/03/2012 (DSG FILTER) VW Specialist
81,180 26/02/2013 VW Specialist
91,584 30/12/2013 VW Specialist
100,088 22/12/2014 VW Specialist

A really well cared for example that we have used across Europe and as a daily driver.
It has been very well cared for, both mechanically and with regards to the bodywork.
No parking dents/minimal stone chips and recently refurbished wheels.
Interior is in very good condition for the age, no saggy leather like some examples.
All the electrical 'goodies' work including the Aircon. This car also boasts iPod connectivity and retro fit cruise control from VW.
The car has no modifications at all and is OEM fresh.
The front drivers side bumper has a small scuff as does the rear bumper.
Reason for sale:
We have a year old dog that requires more space in the boot, so we're looking for an Estate.
Based near Bath

Just had new front discs/pads.
Will be freshly serviced.
Mileage now 110k.



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Shame you dont just want a cheaper car to run, my GTI would of been perfect for you otherwise

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I do miss my old one in a way

Saw a nice black one at saltford the other day not too far from your neck of the woods

Good luck with sale
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