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jUST GOT MY 2006 R 32 last week. Today was the first time I got to drive it and the service warning came on.
I called up the dealer who sold it to me, Hertsfordshire Car Centre, they comnfirmed that it did not need servicing and I should reset the service indicator.
Is there any way of independantly verifying that my r32 has had a service? (service book mentions feb 2012 it had -
Oil Change
Interval service
interval service inspection
15,060 miles

Now done 22,000 miles

Should I get her serviced?

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It looks as though your car is on the time and distance schedule, which is the preferred for the R32. The service intervals are every 10k miles or every 12 months whichever happens first.

If your car was last serviced in Feb 2012 then it was due a service in Feb 2013.

Personally I would get it serviced. It's just an oil and filter change at that mileage.

Also check when the last time the Brake Fluid was changed as it should be done every 24months irrespective of mileage. The plugs also should be changed every 4 years on low mileage cars like yours. I would consider changing them if they weren't done in 2010.

The other service regime available is longlife and the schedule is variable upto a maximum of 18,600 miles or 24 months.

For a low mileage car like yours thevoil should be changed at least every 12 months.
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as cupra bob states above,,i would get the service done asap,,keep everything up to date and hopefully avoid any problems,,good luck,,regards jason p
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