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Mark IV Front Knocking at low speed?

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Had my DBP for month now, and have noticed at around 10-20mph taking off and slowing down I can hear a knocking sometimes loud like I am driving over something. Comes form driver side only (maybe the shock) and I can feel it through the wheel.

Anyone had a similar problem? Jacked it up on drivers side wheel seems okay no movement but when I turn it and stop it clicks-I assume this is normal?

Any help much appreciated
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Most knocks like this are either anti-roll bar bushing/links, or the suspension top mount bearings.
Took to suspension place and drivers side tyre inner side completely worn through with the threads showing. Changed to Goodyear F1's front. And noise is not there but when you prees on the car and put your hand on the strut it moves up-drivers side only. Also when driving at speed I can feel slight knocking-also sometimes at tick over. Could this be strut top mount? and or gearbox mount?- will be taking it to APS for remap next month will see if they can solve it.
I am also very puzzled, with this strange knocking noise, you can feel it through the floor some times it's really bad then it just dissaperes ive jacked the car up and checked the wheel, bearing's bottom ball joint's track rod end's and anti roll bar link's bottom gearbox mount i am beginning to suspect suspension top mount's but im not 100% sure
I had the same noise a few months ago, I had it looked at under warranty and it was the strut top bearings. I ahve also seen a few others on here witj the same noise and the same diagnosis was to blame. Hope this helps.
Ok thanks mate will get onto APS next week. How much did that you set you back? Im guessing about £200.
R32LD3 said:
Ok thanks mate will get onto APS next week. How much did that you set you back? Im guessing about £200.
Couldn't honestly say mate as it was done under warranty. Good luck with it.
top strut bearings are really cheap.your looking at £30 fitted probably!!even cheaper if you can do it yourself
Ok thanks guys-thats a relief! This will hopefully sort the problem.
andyr32 said:
top strut bearings are really cheap.your looking at £30 fitted probably!!even cheaper if you can do it yourself
£190 at dealer...........:eek:
I Just Replaced My Strut Top Mounts and N/S Front Wheel Bearing and I was less than £60 for genuine parts from TPS Aberdeen. the top mount's I think I was something like £6 each,

Im Pretty Confident the top mounts are to blame for the noise.
I guess that was the problem since the thread owner hasn't replied no more?
Strut top mountings and bearings replaced knocking has gone! Phew!!
I noticed today that my car is making this same noise, only noticeable at very very low speeds i.e. crawling in traffic. It's like a thump and i could feel it through the brake pedal as well on occasions. Then as soon as i get going i can't detect it all?
Will i be looking at the same problem or something more sinister?
Have just had the same problem, offside shock top mount bush.

Also have a little vibration at over 80mph wondered if this also could be the reason.

The noise was intermittent, they have quoted me £180 inc vat for the job.
I got a price from my local dealer yesterday for the top mounts of £213 fitted but the parts are only £8 for the bush and £6 for the bearing per side and the rest was labour.

How hard is it to replace them your self ? Or would it be better to buy the parts and then get them fitted by an independant.....
if you don't have coilovers its a bit of a mission as you need spring compressors....
Mines just the standard R32 suspension so i guess i would need spring compressors then.

Cheers for the reply!
i had this prob on drivers side subframe bolt was not tight enough so ok check out the big 22m bolts on the rear of front sub if thats not it top strut must have play ..:wavey:
Got this today on mine ffs. Going to get the parts from vw on Monday and get them changed over, that tesco warrenty looks apealing LOL
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