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Media Player and VW MFD

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Hi everyone,

Just want to show you the install I did in my car:D .
I got myself a small 100GB media player and wired it to the mfd. It's a great device to have in the car.You can watch avi,divx etc.store your mp3's,photos. I have it mounted under the steering wheel over the drivers left leg. I chose that location for it because it's handy to remove (take home) and also because the unit has a built in infrared remote control receiver.
Here are few pics:

I hope you all like it.
PS. All the trim has been cleaned since the installation,lol.
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is that all through the vw sat nav system? :eek:
Hi Wayne,
Yes it is. The hdd player is connected to the Dietz adapter which feeds audio and video:D
mmm I want how did you do it? Was it expensive?
I got the hdd player on ebay for £119 +p&p. And I already had the dietz adapter (when I bought the sat/nav) so it was just a matter of wiring everything together. The Dietz adapter goes to the back of the sat/nav unit you just have to feed the +12V to it. Then you just need to wire the player. In my case I used the small cig.lighter inverter http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=98635&criteria=inverter&doy=2m5 and connected the power adapter from media player to it. And thats it. All is hidden under the steering wheel, behind the trim. Took me a while to put everything together, but after few bruises,cuts and few pints I managed to get it right:D. I also installed the switch for the power that it wouldnt drain the battery overnight.
All the best,

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