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Not sure what its called but the new Head Unit that VW have released on new 2008 models....I sort of realised i still have plenty of time to Spec one of these on the R32...after having the Kenwood DNX 7200 in the GTI i was very very pleased with all its functions but wasnt too happy that it looked abit tacky and out of place where as these head unit fit in just right....Iv heard and read alot about the new system but i just haven given myself the green light to call the stealers tomorrow to see if i can get it sorted for the R....any views opinions would help :)
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Go for an aftermarket unit.

It obviously depends what you want from it, but if you're into car audio etc it's not even worth thinking about an OEM unit in my opinion.
I do have an after market unit ready to install into the golf as soon as i get it but im just thinking if this new System is as good as they say...it might be worth sticking to it, there fore i get to keep the OEM look (obviously) and not be concerned about pulling apart the dashboard to fit the Kenwood Head Unit....:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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